Hackathon Rules

Welcome to Shift Faro, Algarve’s first hackathon! We hope you enjoy the event to the fullest and maybe see you next year. In here you will find the overall rules of the hackathon. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the organization.



  • Project Registration Link (coming soon)
  • Project Voting: Stay tuned on Slack, will be announced on Sunday before the Project Pitches

There is no main theme, so the teams are free to choose.

Team Composition
  • The teams can be created or changed throughout the event;
  • The teams must have at least 2 elements and a maximum of 5;
  • All the work should be done at the hackathon;
  • Members should be present at the event, but leaving the venue for some time to hack elsewhere is fine;
  • Teams can ask for advice or support from the organizers, volunteers, sponsors and others;
  • Teams can use an idea they had before the event;
  • Every element should have their own hardware to work;
  • Teams can be disqualified from the competition for the following reasons: Unsupporting behavior, breaking competition rules or the code of conduct.
Hackathon Projects
  • Libraries, frameworks or open-source code can be used in projects. It’s not permitted to use a previously worked project even if this is open-source.
  • Projects can be based on other projects as long as they are not copies.
  • If any of the content in the project is considered inappropriate the team must change the content or they will be disqualified.
Project Evaluation
  • The projects and teams will be evaluated using a system of points;
  • The higher the points, the higher the classification;
  • Public points:
    • Each participant can vote on one project only;
    • It is possible to change the vote until the polls are closed;
    • The votes of all team elements will be checked to confirm that there are no invalid votes;
    • Voting on your own team will be considered an invalid vote;
  • Judges Points:
    • Criteria of evaluation:
      • Potential
      • Clear, well-explained idea
      • Theme
      • Presentation
      • Future viability
      • Market
  • How to vote: The mechanism to vote will be announced on Sunday, before the Pitches. Stay tuned on Slack for more information!
General Rules

The organization reserves the right to change or add any unspecified rule of the hackathon at any point of the event.

Project delivery and award ceremony

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for any Slack announcements and good luck!

Project Delivery
  • Teams must delivery the projects until 14h30 Sunday in this form (coming soon), that will have the following fields:
    • Project name;
    • Member names, minimum 2 members and max 5 members;
    • Project Description text with a maximum of 200 words;
    • GitHub project page (Optional);
  • Changes can be made until 15h;
  • If your project fails any of these rules, it will be automatically disqualified.
  • All teams with validated projects will have a pitch of 150 seconds tops (that’s 2,5 minutes :p);
  • The pitches will start at 16h;
  • Teams will have a beamer at their disposal to present their project, in a way they see fit: through a slide presentation, video or other media format.
Award ceremony
  • At 17h the judges will evaluate the projects and decides who is the winner;
  • The Award ceremony will start at 18h Sunday.
Hackathon Prizes

To be announced 😉

Hackathon Judges

To be announced 😉