What Is Shift Faro

This is a 100% free Hackathon, Workshops and Talks event for beginners and experts alike created and sponsored by multiple entities of the region.

Attendees should develop a project in 48h and present it to a jury for recognition and prizes.

Why Participate

Check what’s trendy

Learn the latest tendencies of the industry.

A challenge for your skills

3 days of non stop development action.

Recognition & Visibility

Get the attention you deserve to the project you develop by exposing it to the community and companies.

Learn new technologies

With Talks and Workshops everyday, learn new tools to reach new heights


A chance to know your peers and companies in the tech business.

100% Free

We provide the space, food and drinks and the participants provide the projects and creativity.

Humberto Glória

Software engineer by choice, geek by calling and pragmatic by default. Seeking to innovate and provide the best solutions, he enjoys algorithms, user experience and system integrations.

Digital nomad normally enjoying the good weather in Algarve or photographing the world, currently working for the past 5 years for the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre.

André Jonas

André works remotely since 2015. Geek at heart, you can always find him reading and experimenting.

He’s very involved in local tech communities and helping young developers.

Ricardo Soares

Ricardo is a software engineer currently working remotely for BuzzFeed and the co-founder of GeekSessions FAO, a community-driven tech group based in Faro.

His time is spent between translating human processes to computer instructions using JS and his family.

He’s also a lifetime wanderer and an optimist when things don’t make sense.

Bruno Barreto

Bruno likes to code and he doesn’t see it as just a job but as a lifestyle.

He’s slightly obsessed with keeping up with the latest developments in the software world, especially on his own area of interest/expertise.

Currently living in London and  working at www.sparrho.com disrupting the way we find science.

Miguel Coquet

Software Engineer building for the web for over 10 years. Mostly in Startups – big and small. Grower of Humans.

Hugo Barros

Economist, postgraduate in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is since 2011 head of the Division of Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer (CRIA) of the University of Algarve.

Born and raise in the Algarve, is a defender of a more active and integrated regional innovation system, contributing for a more competitive region.

Mario Saleiro Shift Faro

Mário Saleiro

Learned to code at 7 years old but also liked to play with hand tools and building physical things.

The connection between software and mechanics was missing so Mário studied Electronics Engineering and later got a PhD degree in Computer Vision and Robotics. Along the way founded eLab Hackerspace Faro.

Now Mário is the founder and CEO of Sandworx where he turns the problems of clients into solutions using his “full-stack” skillset.

Luís Brito

Blockchain Researcher at Dengun
Location & Travelling

Complexo Pedagógico - Campus da Penha

The venue is at the heart of the academic world of the region, the Penha Campus of Universidade do Algarve

  • By Car: College campus mave multiple parking spaces near the event location.
  • By Bus: Line 18 passes directly through the campus.
  • By Plane: Faro’s international airport has taxis and bus.
  • By Train: Faro’s train station is near the downtown, where the bus station is. Also there are always taxis outside.
  • By foot: Even on foot takes about 30 minutes from the train or the bus station.
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Geek Sessions